Sunday, November 26, 2006

layout and fav magazine

This was my challenge for the Desinging with Color Blog from last week... to use LOTS of something to add colour to your page. Here I used a pile of pretty paper flowers (Scrapbook Sally).. sprinkled them on, keeping the individual colours clustered together and stuck down. I stitched French knots in the centres of some of the flowers. The photos aren't the best -- but I like them anyway, Addie Blue and my dad doing a puzzle together *on a Saturday*, during one of our weekly visists at my parents' house. Love the way Addie Blue pulls out the puzzles minutes after arriving and pleads to Grumpy -- do this WITH YOU, Grumpy! and he gets down on the floor with her....

Kelly S asked me about my favourite magazines since the unfortunate demise of Scrapbook Answers.. I have to say, BHG Scrapbooks Etc tops my list of favourites, with Legacy (and Somerset Studios) following in a close second. And of course, Canadian Scrapbooker holds a special place in my heart.. :)

Today is a beautiful day. I can't believe that the sun has already lost it's powerful summer light and is now that pale wintery sun. It is still only midday here, but the sun is low and the shadows are long. The light has that soft faded golden quality, and the cat on the porch looks good.

Enjoy your day,
pale winter sun and all,


Kari said...

I LOVE this layout. Absolutely wonderful!! Glad to hear you are all doing well:)

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say that I love your stuff... Love seeing it in canadian scrapbooker!!
Have a great day!


MarilynH said...

Beautiful!! Gives me goosebumps. Love the clumped colors.

I just love to read your descriptions of things in your life....long shadows, wintery light....and the cat looking good on the porch. :)