Monday, December 11, 2006

for a butterfly

a butterfly needs glasses
she said,
so true,
movie star glasses
and sparkly, too;
we found those glasses,
they were perfect,
she said!
and she put those glasses
right on her head;
purple, round,
and tinted, too
encrusted with jewels
was the thing to do;
she was ready,
and off she did fly,
in her
movie star glasses for a butterfly!


Janette said...

Oh Ashley I just love your poems!
You are such a fabulous artist!
Have a wonderful holiday season. We are off to Cuba on Friday. :)

Kim Henkel said...

@msnwow...i see a poetry book in your future. xoxo

Kim Henkel said...

oops...sorry about the @msn...don't know how that happended...hope you are well! xoxo