Friday, December 01, 2006

Halloween photos

Over a month past the day of Hallowe'en, but my film is back from Hallowe'en. The black and white photos never scan well, which is too bad because they are always my favourites... such wonderful grain and texture and depth, and it just doesn't show up on the monitor well. Too bad.

The girls getting the pumpkin ready:

And the finished pumpkin all lit up:

I used brushes from the October brush set from Scrapologie to design the house and tree and bat.

Addie Blue, my little ghostie, who did not end up trick-or-treating as a ghostie but when as a cute, cute little kitty cat instead and had no pictures done as it was a last minute change as we were headed out the door as the sun disappeared for the night.

And Summer Lily, my adorable witchy.. a good witch, not a bad spooky witch! :)

And both little mishies all ready to go:


Kari said...

LOVE the photos. Wow, those are fabulous!! Your ghost and witch are the cutest:) That ghost pic in black and white is so neat. LOVE the pumpkin pics too. Wow, that's one big pumpkin. FUN!

Anonymous said...

love the photos. love the ghost costume. and you sure carve a mean pumpkin!!

Anonymous said...

These photos are amazing.

Anonymous said...

Stunning photography and your LOs always inspire :)