Friday, January 12, 2007

just a day

Both of the above layouts were in my article in the Winter 07 issue of Canadian Scrapbooker, on using henna patterns in scrapbooking. The top layout has handcut paisleys layered with patterned paper; the bottom layout is watercolour in ink, demonstrating the intricate layering and combining of patterns that is so common in henna.

Another grey, rainy day here -- what an odd winter it has been, weatherwise. We had two days with some snow but now it feels like early spring. So strange! We had this long, suspended autumn and now this misplaced springlike weather with a few bursts of wintery wind on occasion.

Finally settling back into a normal routine after Christmas and winter vacation; Paul started back to work on Monday and SL at school on Wednesday, and today feels like just a day, rather than a day without half of my family at home. Love having everyone home for some time together! but I can appreciate getting back into routine. Have a busy day ahead, should go get started.



pakosta said...

LOVe seeing your layouts!
i was wondering where you have beeN! missed ya

Kim Henkel said...

you always inspire me and these are no exception! Love them! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Happy new year, Ashley ! It's good to see new layouts from you! They are amazing!!!! Love them!

MarilynH said...

Yeah for another article!! Beautiful work!! So pretty!! Henna is very beautiful--neat to see it on a SB page! (BTW---loved your DW2007 calendar page last friday!!!)

Alex Ludd said...

I have a hard time getting into a routine myself. I find that my fan base keeps me too occupied at times.

Anonymous said...

found your blog bij clicking links and I really wanted to say that I absolutely love these two lay-outs, very beautiful!

anita de hooge
the netherlands

Anonymous said...

you really inspire me
i love that

Anonymous said...

simply put... WOW!
i've always loved henna, and your work is amazing!! (i especially love the top layout's color scheme ;-)

Jana said...

Discovered your talent in my Autumn Leaves calendar...did a search, and here you are! Love your use of watercolor, paint, your handwriting, all the pieces of you that go into your scrapbook pages---it's truly art! Also enjoyed "getting to know you" this evening---Thanks!

Anonymous said...

these are amazing! Christine Traversa