Sunday, February 25, 2007

Cincinnati was so Scraptastic!

packed pens and paper,
pages and paint,
and travelled far from home;
got on a airplane
and flew off all alone.
boxes arrived,
found my way,
and went to work
on a Tuesday.
met an editor
and assistant, too;
bright lights!
photo shoot!
made some stuff.
broke some nails.
cut myself.
had a real good time.
stayed all week
and worked real hard,
50 layouts made;
and when Friday came
I packed it up,
chapters one
through four;
said goodbye!
thank you!
it was fun!
hope to see you
took one last look
and walked out
Memory Maker's door,
proud new author
of my own book!

:) I'm home today, white-out snow storm raging outside, bags unpacked and in the process of getting my scrapbooking stuff and life back in order. I was in Cincinnati, flew in Monday and went home yesterday, Saturday, and was at F+W doing a photo shoot for my upcoming book with Memory Makers. It is called Scraptastic! and will features step by step techniques with photos to illustrate each step, for a total of 50 new (or new takes!) on my favourite techniques. Scraptastic! should hit shelves this November. I can honestly say that being approached by Christine at Memory Makers to do this book was both a surprise, shock, and wonderful dream come true. I feel truly blessed to be doing something I love so very much, and being able to work with such a fantastic team at Memory Makers.

Being back home again is funny... I was not gone a terribly long time, but 5 full days away from my little mishies and Paul seems much longer than it should! I think too, because from Christmas up until the very moment I left I was busy working on layouts and techniques and packing my supplies needed to recreate those layouts, all sorts of other little details of my life were put on hold. I went. I made. They photographed. And now I'm home and it's life as usual.

While in the F+W offices, I worked with Christine, my lovely editor; Karen, sweet and kind assistant editor; and Christine P, fabulous photographer. Met lots of the other folks who work on various aspects of my book, including Marissa, the talented graphic designer, not to mention the sales and marketing guys, the book club editor, and staff of Memory Makers magazine. Working with Christine, Christine, and Karen was such a great experience -- and everyone I encountered at F+W made me feel very welcome and at home. I will post more about the photo shoot and other details later... right now my mishies are reminding me it is dinner time! Cottage cheese, cherry tomatoes, dill rye and coke in a hotel room on my own schedule spoiled me. :) Time to work on someone else's schedule again. :)



judi said...

Congrats, Ashley. Well deserved!!!!

Anonymous said...

isn't christine the best?! so love her. and so love that you are doing a book ... can't wait to have it in my hands!!! congrats!!

caroline said...

huge congrats!!! can't wait to see the book!!

i met christine (doyle) at CHA and she really was awesome.

courtney walsh said...

Ashley! I was so happy when I found out you were out there!! I LOOOVE your stuff! :) This book is going to be sensational, I just know it! :)

Big huge Congrats to you!!

Kendra said...

Congrats Ashley! I know I'll be buying!

Anonymous said...

i'm SO SO SO happy for you,dear, you SO deserve it !!!!!

Your biggest fan in France :D

Penny said...

COngrats! I can't wait to see your book. Glad you had a great trip. :)

Kataroo said...

I am so very proud and happy for you!! Truly a dream come true :)


Janette said...

Congratulations Ashley!
Your know I love your work!
I can't wait to buy your book!
Many hugs to you!

Andrea Wiebe said...

Congratulations Asheley!!! That is such amazing news :)

staceykingman said...

Oh, my!!! Dream come true for me...I will be greedily FIRST in line for my copy! I know every single page will be......

...yummy. :)

Anonymous said...

COngratulations!! I am so happy for you. I can't wait to see the book. And I second & third the fact that the MM folks are awesome.

Denise said...

Wow! So thrilled for you. I was thinking of our days back at Gilded Lilee and had to smile. You've come such a long way !!! Congratulations Ashley !!

Jude said...

so excited.
such a beautiful soul.
a book jam-packed with your creations will take me a LONG time to devour every intricate detail.
i admire you.
but not just for your scrap talent..
but because you are one of the coolest, most mysterious people i "know".
love you veggie.
and am THRILLED for you.