Friday, April 20, 2007

Friday Friday

Today it really felt like spring outside and the girls played outside and I went outside and dug my fingers into the soft spring earth to pull up errant grass and the orange cat went outside and climbed to the top of the fort and watched the birds with great intensity.

I put the potatoes in the oven and then we walked to the mailbox and actually the girls ran the entire way, and they stop at driveways and corners well I call "stop!" and wait patiently for me to come up behind them. We carefully peer into the mailbox and place our white envelopes inside and hear them drop into the ravenous bottom and then they call "goodbye, have a good trip" and it is like they really think that mail is already on it's journey. I guess it is. She does her bird calls and she skips ahead merrily and she tears off in a lopsided gallop that I don't fully understand the mechanics of, wiggles and trots at the same time, and she cries "hey, I look like a cowboy" even though when we left home she pouted that she didn't look like a princess ballerina any more.

Tonight it is Friday night and I'm working on the wonderful newApril kit from Scrapologie with a stack of new black and white photos, all ballerinas and forts in the living room and moments at the table and snow that was melted long ago. He is baking banana cake and leaves a cup of coffee by my side and I think it is days like today that I like the best, days like today that make it all seem OK.



Denise said...

Hi Ashley! I so look forward to your entries. There is such a comfortable easiness to your writing. Not only do I read the words but I 'see' them. I see your dd galloping in front of you, and I see the smile on your face when she stops and turns back to you. It's a gift you know! ;)

Janette said...

Hi Ashley,
So nice to see new words from you.
Love to hear how the girls are doing and growing up! Hope all is well with you.

P.S. My iris are coming up! :) so happy for spring!