Saturday, April 21, 2007


she'd float all day
and float all night
she'd float away
into that blue lake.

thought she'd float
clear across the sea,
waves and fishies
in her wake,
under hot sun and
prone to buoyancy,
she'd float
out to where it's
round the world
on the cusp of the tide,
floating, floating,
floating once more,
and she'd float back
to the lake shore.

My mom does not swim. She floats.
When I was a child my sister and I were certain we could float across the Atlantic, using mom as a raft. We thought a vacation in Europe would have been feasible. However, we knew my dad would not be able to accompany us as he sinks like a brick.


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Janette said...

This is wonderful, as always! Hugs to you and the girls!