Tuesday, May 08, 2007


tangled together before we met
paths aligned out of sight,
lives intersected that
first year, at 306
and 305,
and we became
unfrayed around the edges,
solid in the knots we tied,
we wove ourselves together,
bit by bit,
found the places where
we overlapped,
and the fibers of our being
felted together,
warm and strong.
and every day we tangled
together just a little bit
more, and I was tangled
up in you,
and you were tangled
up in me,
and we're tangled up together
enmeshed lovingly.
made our web,
pile of strings,
piece of you in
every bit of me,
can't tell the beginnings
from the end,
sometimes not sure
where you start
and I end.