Thursday, May 10, 2007

Now that I have time to think....

I need to catch up on some Thinking Blogger Awards!
I am flattered to say that both Kari and Marilyn recently awarded me a Thinking Blogger Award, which is a totally awesome compliment because I am a big fan of both of their work. Kari has this fantastic vintage look and loves playing with surface. I have admired Marilyn's work for quite some time -- her balance of vintage and messy, clean and bold intrigues and inspires me.

Now it is my turn to hand our some awards. My Thinking Blogger Awards go to:
1. Steph McAtee. Her work is truly inspiring. I often find myself squinting up close to my monitor, trying to study every last line and beautiful little bit of texture in her work. Love her messy, inky writing. Love what she does with paint. She does some amazing things with surface!

2. Celine at the Green Frog Studio: What amazing, bold, bright, inspiring colour Celine uses! I love her fun and free, whimsical style. Her pieces always bring a smile to my face. AND -- how fun is this -- I'll get to spend a day in Paris with Celine this October when I'm in Versailles teaching at the Paper and Co Show! I am one lucky girl to have a super talented friend to tour around Paris for the day with. :)

3. Ashley Wren: This girl just makes me smile. Her pages are fun, and unexpected and bright, and so rainbowtic (I get this word stuck in my head sometimes). She loves her family like crazy, and that love just shines right through everything she does. Plus, I totally love her handwriting.

4. Garden of Pink Shadows: I love all of the fabric she uses! Her vintage-inspired colourways always make me feel like I've come home, so cozy and comforting. I love that contrast of clean lines and good design paired with the vintagey look she does so well.

5. Jane Wynn's Studio: Metal boxes, rusty stuff, dolls, and merged bunny drawings. She makes me want to be something that I'm not.

Now for 7 random facts about me.
1. After my entire life if biting my nails, last fall I started growing them and am now dedicated to keeping my nails neat, pretty and polished -- fingers and toes! I own 13 different shades of pink nail polish. Which is very strange because I'm not the pretty-girl, girl-y type.
2. I have never worn high heels. I recently learned this is odd.
3. I love tea, drink it all day.
4. I finally -- just recently -- finally! figured out what I want to do with my life. It is a good feeling, but I'm anxious waiting for the time I can finally dedicate myself to the work I want to do and wondering why I didn't see this before now. :)
5. I don't like it when my children touch my neck (though I happily welcome all other forms of hugs and cuddles!)
6. My favourite colour is pink, but I look terrible in it and after many unfortunate wardrobe purchases, now must force myself to reach past the pink and head for the blues; my mom always told me blue was "my colour" anyway.
7. I am very shy and often when I go out in public speak as though I am incapable of forming a grammatically correct sentence.


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Janette said...

I will have to take the time to read these girls blogs. Yes Ashley at first I found you shy. BUT the more we saw each other the more you opened up. Don't worry I think shy is sweet. I don't like the in my face kind of people. Know what I mean?