Tuesday, May 01, 2007

winter wool

she played in the front yard with Aunt Janet, Petie and the Hoffman sisters from East Germany, now from the other half of grandma's house, on millen road before the lilacs grew down the side and the big tree in the yard was not so large, back when they had piles of snow, when winter was real, and they wore wool hats and wool coats and wool mittens, caked in snow, melted, and they would smell like wet dogs. my mom always said that the boots weren't warm.

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Janette said...

Oh Ashley I love old pics like this. I would sit for hours looking at my Dads old photos. The smell and just seeing the youth in the faces on the old photos. He kept them in a old card box and about once a year I would ask to look at them. I could never get enough. My Mom has now scrapbooked them. I love there are dates and stories to go with them. BUT deep down I miss that old box. It just brings back so many memories. I think I will find a box and put photos in there that I don't scrap for my kids and maybe write on the back of them! :)