Friday, June 15, 2007

Amazon is Scraptastic! (or: Yay! My book is up!)

I am so excited and just have to share... my book Scraptastic! is up on Amazon.com now! Click here to see Scraptastic! on Amazon

It is so funny.... one day you get this email, about writing a book -- and it seems so surreal and strange and like it can't possibly be true. But it is, and the work starts, and it still seems surreal and strange, but wow! you're working on a book and it doesn't seem like it should be true, but it is! There are phone calls and emails to the editor, lists of techniques, chapter ideas tossed around -- and really, it does all seem very dreamlike and strange. And so this continues through the entire process... talk to the graphic designer, hand letter the title, see mock-ups, and it feels a little more real, but still... strange. Before long the layouts and projects are piling up... 10, 12, and some of them you hold onto because you're uncertain, not sure, and then, there! that missing piece is found, and they pile up 10 or 15 at a time; 35, 47, almost done, 66! Even so, even with 66 projects with 50 techniques, telling 50 stories, it still feels odd, like you have to hold it at a distance to really get a good look at it all but then you can't make out the details any more. But, you don't want to lose sight of the details, so it is kept close, studied, always with the questions lingering: for real, really? and, is this me?
And then, one day, you get another email, and this time it is because the book cover is listed on Amazon. There it is. And it is still just exciting as that first day, but suddenly it seems very, very real. :)

I just have to say... I love what Marissa, the uber talented graphic designer, did with the cover! I had no idea what to expect... but she is amazing and I couldn't be happier with it. Thank you, Marissa!

Shortly I will have a preorder button here in my blog so you can order it from Amazon through my blog. I have had lots of inquiries about arranging for signed copies -- if you are interested in this, check back here for details later, or email me (acalder@cogeco.ca) to make arrangements.

Enjoy your day!
Do something Scraptastic! :D


Kelly said...

Congratulations Ashley. I am so excited for you!!

Erica Hernandez said...

I am *so* excited to see this, Ashley - you're work is always amazing. Huge congratulations to you!!

Ania said...

How very cool, congrats! :)

Anonymous said...

i can't wait!!!!!I just LOVE LOVE LOVE your work! always have!!!!
i just went and ordered it from AMAZon. do you know when it will be sent out??? cause it said, "pre-order"......i am DYING to get it!!!

Cami said...

You are @ the top of my FAVORITE scrapbooker ever list... You take it to another level that seems to play my heart like a harp in some far off land. It's magical... I pre-ordered!

Marissa said...

Ashley I can't wait to see this book myself. As soon as it leaps out of my head and into a book form, all of these folks pre-ordering will be so happy. :) Thanks for the wonderful comments. I couldn't do such great design work, if it weren't for such awesome artists like yourself out there to make books for.

We'll be in touch soon! I am giddy with all these people so excited about the book.

Kathrine said...

Congrats! The book looks very inspiring.

Janette said...

Oh Ashely that is wayyyyyyyy too cool! Congratulations!!!! I can't wait to look inside of it! :)

Vicki Chrisman said...

So excited about getting this book!! Congrats Ashley!