Thursday, June 21, 2007

bunker beds, and a new room

The time was long overdue and the pieces finally came together yesterday -- it was time to move the girls into the bigger bedroom so they had more room for toys and playing. My parents came over, they had painted the bunkbeds from my childhood (me on top, my sister on the bottom) and shabbied them up -- they look awesome and I am lucky to have parents who love doing things like this for us.

My dad and I worked all day, moving dressers up and down hallways, up and down stairs. Beds in, beds out, taking things apart and assembling them together. Hauling boxes and boxes and boxes and piles of toys, puzzles, baby dolls and dress-up clothes from one room to another.

Addie Blue was a helpful and happy bug, as she always is. I set up a camp on the couch for her with piles of pillows and a small box of toys and her favourite guys, and she helped, as helpful as she is, chanting "we've got new bunker beds! bunker beds! lily on top and me on bottom, new bunker beds for us!" all throughout the day. She carefully held shiny hardware in her small hand and first held out one fist, saying "nuts" and then the other, saying, "washers", and carefully peeled back a few small fingers to show us without dropping the small pieces all over the floor.

We sat together on the floor, sorting through boxes of toys, putting small things back with other small things, where they belonged. I need to figure out some small space storage and organization, neither of which are my strongsuits, and need to figure out how to incorporate enough bookshelves to fit in the small library of books we have accrued, not one of which any of us are willing to part with. Curtains are coming -- have some embellishing to do, first.

In sorting through those old toys, clothes, things, I realized it was time to part with some -- so packed away went the adorable, cute, wonderful baby toys and clothes from my closet that I can now face truthfully and admit, I'll never fit into those again!

I am looking forward to decorating, though! Have all sorts of fun ideas floating around that I want to try, but will have to wait to see how the wall space plays out before I can set to work.



Chares Square Co-op said...

Hi Ash!
The girlies must be soooo excited. You're such a good mama. :)

Janette said...

Oh wow what a fun room. I wish I had a sister when I was little. One to share my room with. BUT I had brothers. BUT lucky for me I am a mother of two girls. So in the end it all works out. :) Have a great summer day. Give the girls a hug for me and tell them I love their room.