Sunday, October 07, 2007

like the world was new

loved before the world
was new,
baby, did you know,
did you know it was true,
did you know I loved you
before you were you?
in your origins
the pounding of my heart
sang, love you,
love you,
love you,
and each breath
echoed 52 haikus,
meditations on loving you,
awakening to things that are
joyful too.
loved like the first crocus of spring
loved for the hope that it brings;
loved from the moment two became
it's a powerful love, burns something
this maternal, eternal
momentous mirth
stormed my heart,
a reverberation
of adoration
pulses daily,
crescendo of exultant jubilee
builds, washes over me
baby, I loved you like
the world was new,
baby, do you know,
I'll always love you?

for Summer Lily,

1 comment:

Linda said...

This reads like a song! The rhythm matches the cadence of your heart. Very effective! Summer Lily will treasure it! ~Linda