Friday, October 19, 2007

weekend, workshop

It's Friday afternoon; grey, overcast, wet, windy, and humid, and odd fall combination but not entirely bad. Summer Lily is home sick from school, and it's nice having her home, especially since she's not so sick she's feeling miserable, just sick enough she shouldn't have gone to school today. The girls played dress up all morning, and now are getting ready to scrapbook at the kitchen table.

Tomorrow I'm going to an art workshop with my friend and neighbour, Jean. It's on encaustic techniques, something I've never done before, but am looking forward to learning more about. I've been wanting to explore beeswax for a while now, tso t his will be a good introduction to the medium.
Afterwards, the fam and I will head to my parents' for the evening. It feels like forever since we've seen them, but I think it's really only been two weeks. Funny how that happens.

Oh, there's the rain we've been waiting for today.

About to toss an apple cobbler in the oven, made with the apples Summer Lily brought home from her class trip to the farm this week.

Have a great weekend!


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