Friday, November 09, 2007

grey day, good for books

Autumn is here in full swing, the trees half bare with their colourful foliage, and the rain has arrived. Chilly days, grey skies, and rain.

Today was the perfect day to curl up with my small, strange cat Murial, a cup of tea and toast with marmalade and look through some old favourite books to gain a little inspiration. I picked up Visual Chronicles by Linda Woods and Karen Dinino, I had forgotten about how much I enjoy this book!

And I'm super excited to see her new book, Journal Revolution:

Visual Chronicles has some great collage techniques that are so easily explained -- photos and step-by-steps makes it super easy to understand -- and some new perspectives on projects for things that I'd normally never approach or try on my own. And how can you not love a book that has great projects, like altered shoes, in it? :) I love the involved simplicity of the journals in this book. I love the idea of keeping journals. I start journals all the time. But rarely, do I ever continue through with those projects -- reading
Visual Chronicles
makes me want to tackle a journal project, fresh and ready to actually finish it! :)
(Maybe that would make a good project for our next rainy day?)



Linda Jacobs said...

I just recently started a visual journal and am so enjoying it! There is a lot less pressure to make a gorgeous page than with scrapbooking. Plus, it forces me to notice the little everyday things that might otherwise get lost. It's something I'm really enjoying. when I get home from school, I paint the page then let it sit there and dry for a couple hours through supper. After that, I can do what I want with it. fun! ~Linda

Anonymous said...

I am so happy you like our book! Thank you you for blogging about it.
I am anxious to see your new book, too. I have heard it is wonderful :)

Marissa said...

Hi Ashley. I left you some book love over at my blog. :) And thanks for inspiring me in my work space ... I’ve learned so much from you already and I haven't done one technique in the book yet. As soon as I get some of this other work done, I plan to get creating with your techniques!

Jo said...

Hi just got you message. This is hysterical, I couldnt answer as it was a blogger no comment address. my contact is joannemc@mweb.co.za or info@scrapbookdistributors.co.za