Tuesday, December 04, 2007

pre-order thank you draws and more

Your books are pre-ordered! Plus, there are a few more on the way if you missed out, and still want your own copy directly from me.

I drew names for the pre-order thank you gift, and the names chosen are:
Juliette for the stamp set
and Karin for the Autumn Leaves pack.

Thank you so much to everyone for all of your support -- having people to share scrapbooking with is the best part about this! :)

And Grammy4-Edmonton from POTP could you please email me at acalder@cogeco.ca so we can see if we can make arrangements for you to pick up a book.



pakosta said...

did you get my email?!
i got your book from amazon and it is freakin' AMAZING!!!!!! i cant' wait to try all the cool things! so so gorgeous!!!! i was totaly overwhelmed with what i want to buy first to try OUT!
thanks so MUCH! for inspiring!

Anonymous said...

My book arrived yesterday and I am thrilled with it. It's the best book I've seen about scrapbooking, by a long shot! I've only had time to read the first few pages but glanced through the rest of it and am very impresed! The directions are clear and the paper quality is superb! Just looking at your layouts is so inspiratonal. I love the quirkiness of them and the emotion you capture with your words. This is a book 'll read and reread! Thank you for writing it! ~Linda Jacobs

Anonymous said...

I just ordered your book from Amazon and can't wait to get it (ordered 2 Elmo's books for my son so I won't feel guilty :)for yet buying another book
Just love your stuff!! when I see your pubbed LOs I always spend the most time on them :)
Your style of SB is the one I most identify with: feminine, light, whimsical. In my dreams I always had girls to make jewelry for and girly pages.In reality...I have 2 boys who're growing up fast, getting into sports w/dh (my days of soft baby pages are numbered).

Anyways,....had a hypothetical question for you :). If you had boys, how/would your SB style change? Esp since you use lots of hearts, flowers, lace, etc.

Unknown said...

I just received my copy of your book and I'm just loving it! I can't wait to try the paint-y ones! I love this style. I've never thought of adding these elements and I've never really been satisfied with what I've done, unless it was unusual. I will surely try some of your ideas, although I think you might make them look easier than they actually are!!!! Thanks for writing this book.


Anonymous said...

Is it me the Juliette about the stamps ???
if so, I'm really really please about it (and first time ever I win a draw!).
I haven't received the book yet, but I can't wait to read it. I hope to receive it this week, so I can have a read during my Xmas holidays :-D
thank you sooo much


caheli said...

Scraptastic arrived in my LSS a week or so ago and I'm DYING to get my copy in the mail. I pored over the store copy while cropping on fRiday night and adore the book. Great job! when you say the books are pre-ordered, does that mean they are in the mail to us or that you are waiting to get them?
thanks. anxiously watching the mail.

sylvia said...

I'm from Germany and I got my book from Amazon today (even though it's Sunday!) All I can say is: WOW WOW WOW!! i just read a few pages but can't wait to try out the different techniques, your scrap-style is sooo inspiring. Thanks so much and have some great days with your family! - Sylvia