Monday, January 07, 2008

fresh start to the new year

The Christmas season just flew by! I love the busyness of the season, the excitement of the preparation, the secret plans and sneakiness that sets the groundwork for giving. We are so busy over December that suddenly the new year just sneaks up! And wow, then here it is. This year we were away travelling for Christmas, right up until the New Year, and then had a few days at home before Paul had to go back to work and the girls back to school and their usual routine of activities. It was so nice to be able to enjoy days at home after enjoying so many days away with family! Truly the best part of the holiday season.

The very first project of the new year was to paint, rearrange, and redecorate the living room. Second project (currently in progress) is to paint the kitchen. If it wasn't so much work, I'd think about doing this every year! What a great way to start a fresh new year. Everything feels so fresh and bright. I love it. And our teeny living room just seems so much bigger now. :) The very last part of the living room waiting to come together is my scrapbooking area; reorganizing it all is always a very frustrating and rewarding process! So much stuff, such little space. Getting it all so it works, and I can work, and it looks decent, is a huge challenge. But fun, too -- so best get back to work. :)


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