Friday, February 15, 2008

lovely, lovely V-day.

The best part of holidays as an adults, is enjoying them so much more than I ever d id as a kid, seeing how much joy my girls take in these yearly celebrations. My girls simply adore Valentine's day. They think it is the most important holiday of the year, because it's all about love, and the people that you love.

Yesterday they went to bed very happy, both telling me, "mama, I've just been smiling all day long!"
Addie Blue had a party at preschool, and I made pink heart-shaped cupcakes to take in, and let the girls each have one for breakfast dessert (reserved for special holidays and birthdays, only).

Addie Blue came home from preschool to look through her Valentines that had been delivered to her paper bag mailbox, and joyfully showed me how she had two lollipops, and two gumdrops, and that meant one for her and one for Lily!
And when Summer Lily came home, they looked at their Valentines together, taking turns showing the other their cards, and each one ooohed and awwwed appropriately over the other's notes. And they were so excited for each other. So loving.

I made watercolour cards for each of the girls, and one for Paul (which I did not photograph yesterday).

Hope you each had a lovely day, too!



Erica Hernandez said...

why aren't you illustrating children's books yet? You're incredible!

Johannah said...

It's all about this kids. Seeing their excitement makes us parents happy.
I went all out on Valentine's Day for my kiddos:

Thanks for sharing your blog!