Monday, February 18, 2008

thankful for

little house,
quiet street

today is the day
I will rise
and wake,
when my feet
will take me from home,

and i will recall thankfully
this place that
I have known:

full of little feet
on dancing toes,

the cat on the table
and the hot cup of tea
steeped and delivered

blankets of wool
patchworked and sewn,
sunny mornings
and blue skies
shining on my
garden grown;

so thankful for
the books I read,
knowledge I need,
for sculptures made
and stories told,

for paintings and drawings
hung on the wall.

thankful for days
when the sun shines bright
and makes our house
seem happy and light;

when we're here
under one roof,
and we're safe
on our peaceful street,
my heart is thankful
to be at home.


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