Tuesday, March 11, 2008

fringe, fringe, fold.

A few layouts I made last week.

Summer Lily and her new (then, in September) fringe.
Made with Autumn Leaves Foofala Savannah papers, MOD epoxy, and Rhonna Farrer chipboard.

And Addie Blue, with her new (then) fringe, which she continually referred to as "these bings".
Made with a motely assortment of Autumn Leaves Foofala paper and tags, Rhonna epoxy, and plastic letter from Autumn Leaves foliage collection.

Finally, a page of my little sock sorter-matcher-and-folder.
Used some Autumn Leaves letter and journalling spot stamps and Rhonna Farrer rub-ons.
Watercolour paint by Winsor & Newton.
Stamping ink from Stewart Superior.


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