Wednesday, March 12, 2008

interview at lovetoknow

There is an interview at lovetoknow:scrapbooking about Scraptastic!

Thanks to Dana and lovetoknow - this was fun stuff! :)



Rebecca said...

oooh I am off to have a listen.

Anonymous said...

hi Ashley, just received your book today, and I couldn't resist peeking before I start reading it.. and I already feel my inspiration coming from all that candy!! wow!! you have the most amazing ideas...
and I don't remember if I had left you a previous comment saying this, but I am so happy I took your class at the paper and co last september, it was the handwriting class, and this has been a revolution for me who never wrote on my pages.. really that was my favorite class!
so thanks again Ashley and I wish your book the huge success it deserves!!