Monday, March 03, 2008

March layouts for Scrapmagie

lThe March kit is up at ScrapMagie. I really loved this kit -- it was so packed full of great stuff, and I just kept coming up with layout after layout. Have a few more unfinished ones put to the side -- hope to get some time at my table to finish them soon.

Here are the pages I did with Marina's wonderful kit:

Cat feet: Addie Blue loved this shoes - her furry furry kitty cat feet.

Paul and Summer Lily as we all walked her to her first day of first grade. Lots of paint and floral rub-ons here, and silver leafing at the top.

A Perfect Preschool Day: perfect weather, favourite clothing, what could be better? Used an extra page from a Maya Road sheet flower shaped album for behind the title.

Three mini album: put all my extra photos from Addie Blue's 3rd birthday in this mini album. Love that they are all together and out of the developer's envelop!

Activity: Addie Blue loves doing pages from activity books. Envelope on page holds some pages of her work.

This is what she does: made this pocket page to hold some of Addie Blue's many drawings. She is prolific in her work, and I can't bear to part with many of her cute drawings.



Violetswalk said...

Ashely, Obviously you can't see me right now, but if you could you would see me jumping up and down in excitement! These are magnificent!!! I'm very new to the world of scrapbooking and am having a fabulous time online devouring all your delicious eye candy. Oh yes I have bought the book. Love, love, love it!
Big smiles,

Janette said...

Oh Ashley you make me smile so huge. I just love looking at all the pretty details of your amazing layouts. They are always such a work of art and talent just blows me away. =) Thanks for the yummy eye candy. What a way to start my day.

P.S. I much as I love all this pretty snow I can't wait for spring and see my flowers come up. I bet you are ready to dig in your garden too. =) Have a great day my friend and say hello to Paul and the girls.

sylvia said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely layouts!

. said...

Wow, those are good. I guess there is something to be said for creating a layout almost daily.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashley - I've been wanting to pop in for awhile now -- I thought of you the other day because I walked by your book at Joann's -- and of course, I immediately had to pick it up and tried to tell the cashier that I knew the artist (such a namedropper I am, hee!) Anyway -- the book is amazing and wonderful, thanks for writing and sharing your art with the world. I miss you at ologie -- I miss all the girls, but it's wonderful to see your work again!

***tiffany said...

i always loooove coming to your blog. to drool at your work....you are so so amazazing!

carolyn peeler said...

Ashley, Carolyn Peeler from Melissa Frances here. I just wanted to tell you what a treat it was to see you use one of our papers (the pink brocade) for a layout. Being a Canadian company, we love seeing fellow Canucks use our line. What a lovely layout, you have such a great eye for design :-)
Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Ashley.....had to tell you that all of these are fabulous. You have such a way with putting things together and I love your use of color.

p.s. I have had your book for awhile now and I adore it and every layout in it that you created :o)