Tuesday, April 01, 2008

weekend thrifting

Went thrift shopping on the weekend and got some good finds.
More white stuff, for my shelf of white stuff.

The squat round one is hobnailed, and I was happy to find it because I passed one up just like it last weekend, and regretted it. At the time I thought it was the same as one I already had, but when I got home I realized that this one is the same style and shape, but smaller.

And then, brown ties.

The top five I bought together, and were obviously all from the same man. I rather like it when I stumble upon a whole collection of items at a thrift store that obviously all belonged to the same person. I have no idea who the gentleman was who wore these ties, but I do know he had good taste in brown ties. :)
The bottom one is a lovely vintage tie I found at another store.

Orange table cloth.

This matches my kitchen colours so absolutely perfectly. So perfectly. Almost, eerily perfectly.
It is too small for my table, and I'm thinking about turning it into valences or cafe curtains for my window. Not sure that is an active commitment though, as this table cloth may end up folded neatly on top of the last orange and yellow floral table cloth with the perfect zesty yellow lime green foliage that I bought with the intention of turning into a window curtain.

Also found several baking dishes -- loaf pans, 9*13 pan, and a 8 inch square pan -- something one can never have enough of. And 10 aluminum bundt shaped mini ramekins. And a whole pile of coloured lace in beautiful springy colours, yet another collection of items that obviously all came from the same woman.


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Anonymous said...

I have been coming across those hobnail containers alot lately so i started scooping them up with visions of a row of them on a windowsill with plants in them or candles-did you know candlelight causes milkglass to GLOW-it looks so awesome!
Great thrifty treasures!
mary w.