Thursday, May 01, 2008

annual plant sale

Ever since Summer Lily was a baby, and Paul was a student gardener at the RBG, we have been going to the annual plant sale at the beginning of May. We didn't think we would be able to make it this year, but Paul was sweet enough to move his schedule around, so we got to go on Thursday morning -- without the girls, since they were both in pre/school for the morning/day. A very different experience going sans kiddos; we actually got to look at the plants and talk about them together, rather than one of us always keeping a kid or two in check.

It was a great morning for a plant sale. Overcast, but not rainy and not too cold. Always set out to these things with the promise not to buy too much, but that resolve goes out the window as soon as I arrive and see rows upon rows of little potted beauties.

So, today we came home with a pink gaura (has little pink flowers that look like butterflies); a pink rose mallow; white trillium; blue lobellia; pink swamp mallow/hardy hibiscus; pink shooting star; white native anemone; pink monk's cap; white monk's cap; red milkweed/butterfly flower; orange swamp milkweed/butterfly flower; bright pink monarda/bee's balm; pale pink bearded iris; white bearded iris; pale pink and purple bearded iris; pale yellow and white bearded iris; and a raspberry and white bearded iris.


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