Thursday, May 29, 2008

birthday girl, birthday tree

Last weekend we celebrated Addie Blue's 4th birthday with a small party (Carebear themed, of course) with my parents and sister, and a friend of Addie Blue's from preschool. I think she had a fun day and it was as special and magical as any fourth birthday should be.

One of the few things she asked for was a tree. An artificial tree. With a hard stem (insert knocking noise and hand gestures to indicate knocking on a tall, thin tree trunk) and soft leaves (insert gesture of reaching up and feeling thin, long, soft leaves) and that she could keep beside her bed. Yes, my four year old had some very specific requirements, for her very unusual birthday request.

We found a small tree that seemed to fit her vision (and as it turns out, small artificial trees of such description are actually rather difficult to find -- and then sell out completely in 24 hours at the store you do find them at! who knew artificial trees were such hot sellers?). I strung it up with some pretty little white lights and I think she is happy with it. She has already decorated it with some small ornaments, and I think we will have fun making decorations and garlands for it in the future.

Can't believe my little big girl is four! Time passes in an odd way when you are a mama; it is like I'm trapped in some sort of strange cosmic hole, where time flies by and stagnates all at the same moment.



Anonymous said...

I love that she wanted a tree!

Anniek said...

That is an unusual present for a 4 year old!! I think it's cool of you that you respected her wish!