Monday, May 12, 2008

bloomin' right along

an't believe May is almost halfway over.
Seemed like a long winter, seemed like we had lots of snow and it was never going to be warm again, but still, the garden season seemed to have got off to an early start this year. Can't believe my lilies are already almost knee-high, and my June daisies already have buds on them.

May 11 garden:

Less than impressive from photos but much prettier in person. :)

Now, for the pretty details.
Blue forget-me-nots. Also have them in pink, but no photos yet.

Daffodil. Pretty standard, but still pretty.

Bright pink tulips, leaning to the fuscia side of pink. Need to plant some apricot, pale pink, white and buttery yellow tulips for next year to counterbalance these bright tones.

Double tulip; reminds me, it will be peony time soon!

This is always the first iris of the year to bloom. It is common, but always exciting and appreciated, just because it's the first.

These tulips are huge. I have a big bouquet on my kitchen table right now, very pretty.

Grape hyacinths, would not be spring without them.

Pink bleeding heart. Love these unusual flowers.

Pink ground phlox. Need some more of this in the garden. Spreads but does not transplant well.

Cute little daffodil.

Purple, purple iris. This is quite striking in person, because the purple falls are so rich, they are almost velvety.



Anniek said...

What a beautiful flowers you have in your garden!!

Anniek said...

Forgot to tell you that I really like that bird house!

Candy Bello said...

your garden is absolutely fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl! Long time no talk! Your flowers are incredible! I wish we could garden like that here in Arizona. Of course, I never would, but it would be nice to look at others' gardens! I meant to tell you - saw your book at Michaels the other day for the first time - Omgosh - fantastic. You rock and I miss chatting!