Tuesday, May 20, 2008

long weekend, happy return

Yesterday, Monday, was Victoria Day, so we all had the day off from school and work, and so we spent the whole weekend with my parents at their house. We always have so much fun together, I only wish we could spend the weekend more often (though we do go over for the day every Saturday). The only disappointing part of the weekend was the weather -- cold, rainy, windy. Which meant no working in my mom's garden, and no fireworks outside!

On Sunday morning mom and I got up extra early and went to an outdoor antique fair. I love old stuff. :)

And, today is a happy return to the week, since today Addie Blue turns four! Four years seems very long and too short, all at the same time. Today was a preschool morning for Addie Blue, and she was very excited to take kitty cat cupcakes in to share with her friends, and everyone sang her happy birthday and she had a paper crown to wear. On the walk home, many people we passed wished her a happy birthday, and she thought that was pretty special and almost magical. :)


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Anniek said...

Happy Birthday to Addie Blue!! Those kitty cat cupcakes look delicious and so pretty!