Friday, May 09, 2008

not-so-thrifty spender

After our trip to the ROM last Friday, we had a bit of time before we headed back home so we could wait for rush hour to pass, so we stopped in at The Paper Place, as I had never been before. Paul has made the trip a few times to buy paper gifts for me, and I had heard it was wonderful, but I was unprepared for the papery goodness inside!
Wow, so much beautiful paper in one place. Nearly overwhelming.

I put my thriftiness partially to the side, and loaded up on several smaller sized pieces of gorgeous, wonderful, papers full of fancy florals and gilded goodness.

Must remember... bought paper to use it, must not hoard! :)



Anniek said...

hahaha, love that note at the end of your post: must not hoard!! It's something I can relate to LOL.
Those papers look lovely!! Can't wait to see what you'll be creating with them.

pakosta said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE that paper! looks like papersource papers! GORGEOUS!!!!! can't wait to see what you do~