Monday, March 12, 2012

wonderful birthday

It was my birthday this week.

On my birthday morning, a pink-wrapped bakery box beside my bed.

With truffles and meringues inside. Perfect birthday breakfast.

Edible arrangement from my in-laws.

Vanilla cupcakes.

For the first time.. in a long time... I wore pre-pregnancy jeans!

New nail polish!

Coffee for a road trip.

To head off to my favourite junky dirty antique place.

A bit of ephemera and a handful of small glass.

I love that someone wrote "home" under this picture, once taped to the inside of a box.

This painting is dirty, in poor condition, and charming.

Sewing machine boxes, eventually for storage.

Some of them are not in great condition, but they all have such lovely details.

New art supplies!

More meringues for dinner!

And after many wonderful treats and surprises, the biggest surprise of all....

I am lucky. I am loved.
I am one year older.

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Briana Johnson said...

Happy Birthday, Ashley! Looks like it really was amazing - great food, great old stuff, new art stuff, and a camera! WOW!