Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pin-in: an inspired-by-Pinterest challenge

I love Pinterest. More than I thought I would. I rarely use it to search for other ideas or look at the recent pins on the home page, but it has become my favourite way to bookmark and save ideas. So much better than all of the systems I tried to cobble together myself.

I realized recently that I've used ideas I've Pinned for many areas of my life -- baking, cooking, home decor, rennovations and room planning, party planning -- but not really for scrapbooking.

So I have decided to start a Pinterest challenge. Called a Pin-in, for Pinterest-inspired. Also, because it sounds good because it rhymes. And because it reminds me of a sort of peaceful protest to make a point, because I'm making a point to use Pinterest.

Will you join my Pin-in?

Right now I've challenged myself to use a home decor project for inspiration for a layout.
If you do decide to Pin-in with me, link up your project here, or head over to my Pin-in thread at 2Peas and share there. Wherever you feel comfortable.

Hope you will Pin-in, too!


sherry said...

Cool idea.

Mary Jo said...

Fun challenge!
I am a Pinterest junkie, but I swear I spend no more than a few minutes on it per day.
Just a few pins here and there :)

Kelly Pyron said...

I actually posted this before I read your challenge... so I am kind of cheating, but it fits the challenge so I thought I would share. :)

Here is my pinterest inspired layout:


Irma said...

Sounds like fun! I got invited to Pinterest but have not set up my account or pinned anything as of yet. This might be just the push I need!

Irma said...

Here's mine:

Anonymous said...

Will be joining in when we're back from holidays :)