Thursday, June 28, 2012

thinking about attempting to try something like Project Summer

... but I'm totally overwhelmed.
I don't know where to start.
I don't know how to start.

I have binders, and things I could use as albums.
I have some pocket page protectors.

But, I don't know how to keep up with every day photos, remembering what we did, getting photos printed on time.
I don't have a home photo printer, and I'm not going to buy one.

Maybe like Project Life, it's one of those things I admire that other people do, but just isn't for me.

This is our first summer in our first home.
The girls slept there for the first time last night, and today is their last day of school.
The baby just took her first step this morning.

Today seems like the perfect time to start a daily/weekly memory keeping project.

I just don't want to commit because I don't want to fail.


Irma said...

I think you hit the nail on the head - such a project may be something that you admire others do, but it may not be for you. Seeing so many December Daily albums and project 365 galleries I forced myself to do 'a week in a life of our family' mini album (I thought I could commit to only 7 days of daily photographing and journaling). Some days were uneventful, and other days I just did not feel like scrapping, yet I carried this nagging feeling of "I SHOULD" be photographing this moment. I believe creativity works its magic when we create intuitively - not guided by what others are doing or what is the current trend. I walked away from this experience knowing I'll never want to do December Daily, project 365, of "week of' album again.
Anyway, you have lots of major milestones going on right now. Take lots of photos, but at your own pace, and keep a journal of important dates, events, milestones, etc. When the timing is right it will all get recorded in traditional scrapbook pages or mini albums. The difference is you won't feel the pressure of 'I should be doing this'.
Congrats on the baby's 1st step! and your girls are out of school just now?? wow, my kids been off a month already!
Wheww! this must be the longer comment I've left anyone ;)
Have a great day!

sherry said...

Maybe instead of a Project Life album, maybe you could do more storytelling like in an art journal. Mostly paper and stories. Photos are the bomb, but sometimes, it is nice to read those feelings and memories.