Tuesday, September 11, 2012

point on

she points where she's going,
she points where she's been,
she points at her wants
and what she has seen.
pointing high
pointing low
pointing where
she wants to go,
points at this
and points at that,
points at toy
and points at cat.
one finger out,
it points one way
she points all
through her happy day.
sometimes when
she's sitting there,
her pointer points
at just the air.
pointing up,
pointing down,
pointing, pointing
all around.
she points till the dusk,
she points from the dawn;
this girl has
her pointer on!


Anonymous said...

We also have a pointer, so I had to smile at your description!

Irma said...

I love reading your poems! It gives your work another artistic dimension that is difficult to achieve for many people.