Wednesday, September 12, 2012

point on

Ruby Sky is a pointer. She wakes up in the morning with her little pointer finger out, and points her way through the day. The journalling can be read here.
This was a layout of near total happenstance. Almost everything on it was stacked randomly on my desk, and gathered the way it was found. The alphabet stencil Jenni Bowlin Studio paper happened to me on top of a stack of papers with this text paper beneath it; it looked good, so I used it. There was a stack of old book pages on my desk, so I added them. I dropped a tin of confetti on my page, so I adhered it all where it fell. 

Love the way Instagrams look trimmed with deco edge scissors! I truly never thought I'd be cutting photos out with deco edges.... maybe next I will be cutting them into shapes like hearts and ovals! 

I tucked lots of little scraps and bits into the stack of book pages from my container of Jenni Bowlin Studio scraps. I like to keep some of my favourite manufacturers together, and I keep scraps with the supplies, too. There's a bit of a receipt, a grey label, a perforated figure label, some memo note papers, chipboard tiny tab, tagstwine and thread all layered in there.

I backed the letters R and S with a piece of JBS paper from one of the 4x4 mini pads, to highlight Ruby Sky's initials. I used scraps of other reduced sized papers behind the book plates.

Twine! Tape! Tossed dots!


Unknown said...

Love the layering! Fabulous design!

Nirupama said...

Truly incredible. You should seriously submit this to the JBS call. Wow!!

Debbi Tehrani said...

This is so creative and beautiful!

Irma said...

Lovely layering!. The other day I just ordered the same alpha stencil in white and kraft, so your LO gave me some great ideas. I really like how you backed the RS initials with different patterned paper.

Unknown said...

That is gorgeous Ashley!!!
I actually bought 2 of the stencils. I knew I wanted to use one as a stencil but really wanted to use the other for "as is". So far I've used it as a stencil twice and still pondering the "as is" :)

Anonymous said...


Chantal Vandenberg said...

This is fantastic! Love it! I also love using deco scissors around ig pics! :D

Madeline said...

Lovely! I have had this stencil paper for ages and have been trying to relate a sequence of letters to something, anything! Cool how your daughter's name uses the r &s!