Monday, September 10, 2012

what she found

Addie Blue loves little things. She finds them wherever she goes. Cool little rocks, pieces of moss, interesting leaves, feathers, bits of fallen bird eggs, neat sticks, things that grow and things that are green. The kind of stuff that goes unseen. She collects them, little bits, carefully chosen, curates them in a hidden hedge. 

spots with her
shark shark* eye
what others would
just walk by.

picks it up,
turns it round,
into her pocket
from the ground.

little rock,
piece of nest,
placed quietly
with the rest.

hovers, wanders
near the edge
of her hidden
museum hedge.

no one looks
she kneels down
to play with
what she found.

cool stone
piece of moss,
feather soft,
once were lost.

Addie Blue, on her 8th birthday
May 2012

*shark shark eye is a family phrase, referring to a scrapbook layout Summer Lily made when she was about 6 years old. Addie Blue was an avid bottle cap collector then (she would have been about 3) and was excellent at finding bottle caps when we were out walking. The phrase was supposed to be, "sharp sharp eyes" but a misunderstanding created the hilarious version we use today. Addie Blue, and her shark, shark eyes. 


Irma said...

You have a gift for words!
My boys also pack their pockets with outdoor treasure bits. Often time these treasures resurface in the wash, when I forget to check all the pockets. One day I'm waiting to find a frog in there :)

Ashley Calder said...

I used to come home from my grandmother's house with snails in my pockets. My mom would find them dried up when she did the laundry.
Hope there are no pocket-frogs coming your way!

Lisa Echerd said...

So sweet! I love the photo and the poem. Wonderful you are capturing these every day moments in such a special way.

Madeline said...

beautiful poem about your little curator!

Pamela said...

Love the photo! And a fantastic poem!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo and love your description. Do you write haikus too?