Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Can you help?

Hi everyone,
I would love some feedback, so if you could take a minute to post your thoughts about buying kits for projects, like mini albums or tag sets, I would really appreciate your thoughts and opinions and help!

I would like to start offering kits for sale to make projects like my what she found altered vintage botanist's collection journal, or my 25 Days of Advent vintage tag set.

My questions to you are:
  • Are these types of projects something you would buy a kit for?
  • Would you prefer the cost of the kit include a class, private message board forum, or other access to group or one-on-one instruction?
  • Would you like all of the embellishments pre-made (ie, rosettes, cards cut out, etc) so you just need to assemble the pieces, or do you prefer to totally DIY and make all of the pieces?
  • What is your main reason for buying a kit?
  • What are your main reasons for not buying certain kits/types of kits?
  • What makes you feel like you have received good value for your money?
  • Any other thoughts you can share?
Thank you so much for your help!



Unknown said...

That's a lot of questions! :) I am TOTALLY a kit buyer, BUT, I have to be really careful - I generally won't spend any more than $30-$40 for a kit. Both the projects you showed, I would love to do, so in that case, I MIGHT spend a little more. But that would totally depend on financial circumstances at the time. I personally don't prefer a class of any sort, because I very rarely do things when I get them anyway - I love to look at the pieces too much. :) I prefer DIY. Other than price, the other reasons I wouldn't buy a kit are either having much of the same things already to make the project, or just not liking the project that much. Hmm... what makes me feel like it's a good value - if I love what I got, and if it seems like a fair amount of things. I hope some of this helps. :)

Tiffany said...

I can answer a couple of the questions. I do think kits are a great idea. They are fun when you want to try something new. I think a private forum for people to ask questions isn't a bad thing but may not be needed. Price is always something I consider before I buy anything so be mindful of that. Having things pre-made depends on the level of difficulty.

jordanbev5@yahoo.com said...

Many times kits do come in handy but more in all, I purchase things separately. I have taken classes with group feedbacks but less than half of the class did not participate. (It was 2 years ago) I have been purchasing the pieces that I love and making an example of something I have seen, but never tend to match it. Hope that helps. I do make my own flowers but use ready mades for most projects.

laura said...

Goodness, quite an endeavor. I am currently in Studio Calico monthly kits and I am happy with them so wouldn't be looking to change right now. I make my own embelishments in general. Vintage isn't my style, however. Good Luck

Laura said...

I have never bought a kit but I did win one from Ronda Palzzari. She sent all the bits to make a mini album plus detailed instructions on how to do it. I liked this because I could read how to get the same results as she had, I learned a few new things, but also had the option of not doing things the same if I had another idea.
I wouldn't buy things with pre made embellies, I like to be shown how to make things myself. Things that stop me buying are the cost of postage and not finding kits that are entirely my style. I also wouldn't use message boards...
Having said all that I would buy a kit for the book album you made as I loved the project but couldn't quite see myself doing it wthout a kit. I suppose the value for money thing is 'could I do the same by myself without spending any more money'

Hope this is helpful for you

Willow and Wattle said...

Sorry about prior delete, needed to correct something.

Yep, love those projects.

A forum, it might be nice to see what others have done with their kits, chat about maybe different techniques people are using etc, but for me, one on one instruction or a class would not be used.

Total DIYer, I'd prefer to make the embellies.

I'd buy a kit basically because I can't find items I want around here (there is nothing here lol) I have to either buy online, or go without. And even then, I'd have to go to a variety of shops and pay x amount of shipping in each place, just to get a few things like a stencil or certain colored TH distress ink for a certain project that I'd then have to find another store for. I'd pay up to $40-50 a month for the right stuff if I could see the value, and can get a mix of products in one place

Mixed media and/or vintage kits- they're hard to find, which is why I'm not in any kit clubs.

Good value for money - for me, different types of items, and a good number of items, things that I can reuse, like a stencil or other tool like that.

Jennifer Grace said...

Hello Ashley,

I love the projects and would like to learn how to make them. However, and this may totally throw you off course, I would buy only a CLASS and not a KIT! This is purely because I know the price of kit plus shipping to the UK would be too much for me to afford, I'd rather use my own bits to make it different anyway. I don't think I've ever actually bought a kit as I can usually put together my own.

I'd want a class to learn how to put it together and how to make the embellies (I wouldn't want pre-made ones).

I would use a message board for a class, but it wouldn't be a deal breaker for me!

I hope that helps! x

Anonymous said...

Ashley, love the idea of you doing kits. I usually don't like the 'stick it here' type classes but I would love to peek in to your processes so would love some sort of tutorial with the kit (loved your videos, for example). I stopped subscribing to kits as I have sooo much stuff, but would love to see your 'Ashley' take on a kit, especially if it were with a specific finished product in mind.......your botanists album is literallly the most amazing album I've ever seen....I would pay around the $50 mark, the more vintage-y content the better. Embellies - sometimes I just like to 'stick and run', others I have more time to make things from scratch, so would love a mix of pre-made and DIY. Value for money for me, with your kits, would mean heaps of inspiration, enough supplies to realise the project and enough left over to make, make and make following all the inspiration....hope this helps and apologies for iPad spelling/punctuation - hope it isn't too annoying to read!