Monday, November 19, 2012

Stuck on journalling

I usually start out a page with a pretty clear idea of what I want to call it, and what I want to say. But sometimes I want to use a picture that I just LOVE, but doesn't really have a story behind it. Like this one below, of my lovely Lady Bon-Bon. This girl melts my heart, but how many different ways are there to say "holy crap, I freaking love this face", before you start to sound repetitive and obsessive?

This page has been finished for weeks. Just sitting and waiting for the right words.

Do you sometimes struggle with finding the right thing to say, and the right way to say it? What do you do? Leave it, wait, just write something and call it done?


Laura said...

I'm not a natural writer so I often have no journalling on my layouts. If there are important things like location and date and names I jot them on the back in pencil. It's not really a solution but it will work for me until I learn to journal!!

Mary Jo said...

I always struggle with the right things to say. Working on my journaling was a huge goal for me this year and I think I have gotten better at it.
But I also think I will always struggle in the process to find the right words :)
Lovely photo!