Thursday, December 20, 2012

It's starting to look like Christmas!

At least, inside the house (or some parts of it..) it is beginning to look like Christmas! It is grey and soggy and damp and cold outside, but inside is warm and sparkles with silver and gold.

On the mantel. Mercury glass, glitter, gold, feathers, and old book pages.

On my entry-way desk. Books and trees, silver and gold, glitter and sequins, things hung and things in jars.

Girls making Christmas cards.

Me making feathers.

Festive fair ribbons hung on the banister.

A (partially done!) wreath hung on the front door. Got stuck part way on this one and just hung it up.

Are things looking merry at your house?

I feel like I won't get half of what I want done this year. And since we still don't have a kitchen, decorating with an entire pile of IKEA kitchen cabinets in boxes in our living room, and a fridge and pantry in my scrapbooking room makes it hard to feel like doing very much. Frankly, it feels like putting lipstick on a pig. ;) But I am enjoying the few festive touches around the house. 
So, I highly recommend hanging up just a bit of tinsel if you still aren't feeling the Christmas Spirit! A bit of sparkle will do wonders at this time of year. :)

Merry Merry!
love, Ashley.


Ashley H said...

everything looks so pretty!

Unknown said...

Everything is absolutely beautiful!! Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Your fair ribbons are so beautiful!! and the lovely feathers...I wonder how you make those... I love that you show all the good bits and tell about the not so good bits...I can relate!
xo Evie