Monday, January 21, 2013

on my desk (and in my yard), this week

New layout in progress. Like the stuff, didn't like the photo or arrangement. This is still in progress.

Gold glitter title on neon pink misted/splattered heart.

Layout in progress with glitter sample in place. Thinking about going pink glitter on this one, instead of gold.

Lots of snow. Night snow. Falling in clumps it was so fluffy. Love how quiet it is when it is all white out.

Glitter one, the mix from above.

Glitter one, bottled.

Glitter one, and glitter one seconds, with vellum.

Non-misted arrow on gold-misted tag.

Glitter two, now with stars!

Glitter two, with test tube of sequins.

Glitter two mix.

Glitter three. Like a party!

Studio Calico kit + 2Peas challenge layout in progress.

Sketching ideas.

Sketching idea gone in a different direction.

Studio Calico kit + 2Peas layout showing more progress. 

Have a happy week! Do something Scraptastic! :)

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Chantal Vandenberg said...

Everything looks sooo pretty!