Saturday, January 26, 2013

still has it

Here is the third and final challenge I did during the 2Peas Winter CHA Social: use 8 great things. During 2Peas online socials last year for NSD and CHA I managed to get all 10 challenges done for each event, but I just wasn't feelin' it this year. I am kinda disappointed I didn't meet my goal of getting all ten done, but I did make three fun pages that I may not have done without the challenge prompts.

This one at first had me all confused. I kept trying to make lists of eight things and making piles and really, just overthinking the whole thing. Once I realized that I tend to use a lot of different textures and weights and finishes on a page, it was easier to do. I just added and played with things until I had 8 different types of items on my page.
My eight great pieces were: washi tape, vintage book page, metallic gold confetti, glassine envelop, glitter tape, paper clip, stitching, and label tape.

When I add confetti to a page, I often just toss it on or sprinkle it down, and then adhere it piece by piece. Sometimes if the confetti covers a large area like in some spots above, I will lift the confetti and put down a small area of adhesive and then add the confetti back on top.

The title, still has it, was inspired by a sudden memory I had when looking at these pictures of Summer Lily on her 11th birthday, of a layout I did years ago, with photos of her when she was about 2. Looking at those photos of 2 year old SL was the first time I realized how much she has her dad's smile, and then looking at these photos, that she still has it!

I made these flying chevrons by trimming chevrons out of chevron patterned paper, then creasing slightly down the middle. I adhered them with a small dot of liquid glue on the crease. Once the glue was dry I stitched a row down the centre of each column of flying chevron pieces.


Barbara said...

this is fantastic! I love the sewing and the chevrons!

Jill said...

Ashley, this page isn't just beautiful, but it also manages to inspire goosebumps in just two words at the bottom of the page. Love it!

Pretty Arty said...

love the shiny dots and use of old papers:)
thanks for commenting on my blog:) I have a great memory of a class with you at PACS Paris a few years ago.. doodling and handwriting, was my favorite:)