Friday, March 01, 2013

March Cocoa Daisy reveal: Sketchbook!

I seriously fell in love with Cocoa Daisy's March kit, Sketchbook, when I first saw it.
And I also fell in love with all of the add-ons: Renderings, Freehand, Line Drawing, and the patterned paper add-on.

I also tried heat embossing for the first time this month, and fell in love totally for that, too!

 Little Pile Made
This is Addie Blue, five years ago when she was about four. When she was two or three she started making "art piles", all on her own. It was just something she started doing one day. Cutest thing in the world. She carefully seeks out perfect little found pieces -- sticks, a bit of leaf, maybe a small pebble -- and then arranges them artfully, finally leaving the entire package together on a bench or in the yard for someone else to find. 

I made a messy mixed media background using cardstock, gesso, book pages, Maya Road Cornflower Blue mist, Grapefruit opaque Zing, White opaque Zing, and the ledger stamp from the Cocoa Daisy A Day in the Life stamp set

 & left
This page is to complement the page above. The photo is of the little art pile Addie Blue was assembling in the top layout photo.

Again, I made a mixed media background, this time using green cardstock from the kit, gesso, the ledger stamp, the star stamp from the February 2013 Cocoa Daisy main kit, opaque white Zing, and glitter finish gold Zing embossing powders. 

Visions of Speed
Addie Blue saw this skateboard one day and just had to have it. She was pretty sure she was going to be a speed demon on that thing. ;)

I used my Cameo to cut starts out of a piece of Crate Paper woodgrain paper from the DIY collection, and then misted the woodgrain side pink.

Totally Rocks a Hat
This is the page I cut the stars from, that I used in the layout above. I actually made this page first, the stars were technically "leftovers"... or, scraps! :D

I heat embossed the title on the glassine envelope some of the kit was packaged in. I used the Cocoa Daisy Nate Basics alphas and gold glitter finish Zing embossing powder. The bookplate stamp on the top right of the page was included in the main Cocoa Daisy kit, and is also embossed with gold glitter finish Zing.

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Jennifer Grace said...

I thought I'd left a comment here before, but it must have been one of the times when my phone was playing up as I commented.

These are all fantastic, amazing, fabulous! Love the gesso background, the photo corners, the sunburst behind other elements, the may many gorgeous stars, and the glitteriness. You totally rock! x