Friday, May 31, 2013

organizing tip: enamel dots

Hi everyone!
Today I thought I would share how I organize all of those delicious enamel dots. I don't know about you, but  I had piles of packages of them, and finding just the right shade for a project was irritating, because I had to drag out piles of little packages and had them scattered all over my desk and layout.

I started organizing them by colour AND kept them in the original packaging -- both of which are important to me. I like to keep most things in their packaging, because I find it keeps flimsy embellishments neater and in good condition. And I like to sub-organize different types of embellishments by colour, so I can easily find the right shade for what I am working on.

Here is a brief video explaining my very simple method!

1 comment:

Irma said...

Great video! funny that with all the supplies I've accumulated over the years, I don't own a single pack of enamel dots... Still using single color brads in different sizes for a similar effect.