Wednesday, July 03, 2013

around here this week: the last day edition

It was the last day of school, last week, and we celebrated food and farm style. :)
Summer Lily finished grade 6 and moves on to a new school for grade 7. She won the Language Arts award and also the Top Academic award for having the highest marks out of the three grade 6 classes! Yay for her! She works so hard and loves school so much, it was so nice to see her accomplishments acknowledged. :)

 My two big girls said goodbye to grade 6 and grade 3... and hello summer!

We had french fries and (veggie) hot dogs!

We went to a cute little petting zoo and bird sanctuary here... the goats were our favourites! That brown bossy mama goat did not share her board with anyone!

We also enjoyed the chickens and bunnies. :)

Later we had ice cream but no photographic evidence as it was pouring out and we were wet and tired. :)

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Irma said...

Congrats to your girls! Can't believe how fast time went by...I remember your pubs in magazines - the numerous baby pages you have done of both of your girls (actually I still have some of the older Legacy mags) :)
You must be so proud of them!