Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sneaky peeky peeky peeks: August Cocoa Daisy

I really, REALLY loved the August Cocoa Daisy kits this month. Now, I know I say this pretty much every  month, but the thing is -- it's true! I seriously just love Christine's taste in colours and eye for patterns, and there is something special about a whole new set of supplies to work with. There's a promise, a possibility, there's a whole new set of stories to tell.

So, I really did fall in love again. So much, that I got ALL of the kits, something I've never done before. But the funny thing is, the more I love a kit, the more I struggle with it. I'm not sure why... maybe it's some sort of self-imposed pressure to do these fantastic collection of goods justice and make something suited to the way I "see" the kit.

I dove right into the 80 Days kits and started working on my France album, from our trip six years ago. Before no time at all, I had five pages in the works! Amazing, for a super slow and indecisive scrapper like me. 

And then I woke up one morning, looked at those five pages, and hated them so much I ripped them nearly completely apart and practically started over. 

With a few changes of colour and after shuffling some things around, I think I'm back on track.

I think I'm in love all over again.


Jill said...

Gorgeous details. I can't wait to see the full pages!

Anonymous said...

Yay Ashley! I'm so glad you are scrapping your France pictures, too!! How fun!!!! xo, Evie