Tuesday, September 03, 2013

forever august

I've been enjoying the newest Jenni Bowlin Studio products quite a bit... especially the stamps and stencil/masks. After making the background for my last JBS page, Captured, I was kind of hooked on the mixed media background in pinks and gold. 
I used Jill's prompt from the 2Peas Scrap Your Stash challenge to use lots of clips on this page. But, before I could get scrapping I felt like I had to reorganize them all.... 

Not the prettiest organization, but functional. And, picture this: my desk drawers painted white, with neon damask paper liners. Wouldn't that make everything look so much better? Someday, someday... 

I also used a prompt/challenge from Jill's 2Peas class, Scrapbooking from the Soul, to direct my journalling. This layout is yet another  page about my wonderful great-aunt Maggie. I'm not sure if it is just the time of year,  or because this baby's due date is on her birthday (October 31st) but she's been on my mind a lot lately. And in my dreams, frequently. So I've been going through a lot of my old photos and scrapping whatever feels right at the moment. 
Above, you can see one of Jenni's new stencils used with modelling paste... this one was the fishnet pattern. Very cool. And fun. 

Using the prompt from Jill's Scrap Your Stash challenge to use pins and clips on a page, I used clips on just about every element that needed to be stuck down to a page. Even in places where I wouldn't normally think to use a pin or clip, like this gold polka dot clothes pin from the Crate Paper line the Pier, holding up the end of this ruffled hot pink tulle.

Lots of layering going on here... clips and paint and ink and mist and stamped pieces and sequins and embossing and rub-ons and labels and modelling paste and all sorts of good stuff. :) 

I love the delicate nature of watercolour... and the irregular, unpredictable way it dries, as you can see on the top corner of the page here. I heat embossed using blush Zing embossing powder and one of Jenni's new stamps, a paint splatter pattern. Because I used this same stamp all over the page, to avoid having it look TOO repetitive or the same, I tried randomly inking the stamp and avoided loading the whole stamp with Versamark before stamping. So that way, not every impression looks exactly the same. 
This Scrap Your Stash challenge was an excellent motivation to get one of those 2Peas star paper clips onto a page!

The photo on the left of this layout was taken from standing almost in the middle of Maggie's huge, amazing, inspiring garden, looking towards the back of her house. The red, white-peaked building in the background is her woodshed, attached to the back of her house, and was always used as the main entrance. You can just make out the tiniest bit of that wonderful turquoise wood door that was the main entry. 
Here you can see layers if bright pink watercolour... blush heat embossed paint splatter stamping. some light spray ink misting, gold JBS sequins, and a few JBS gold star rub-ons.  

This flower shot was a sort of a random, accidental inclusion on the page. I had originally planned on using just the two photos on the left of the page, each one looking over Maggie's garden from a different direction. But this flower photo landed on the page when I was sorting through my pictures and it just sort of worked. So it stayed. Happy accident.
This kind of smudgy metallic gold heat embossed wheat flower stamping was a not-so happy accident. It's not perfect, and I covered up some of the ugliest smudges with a gold heat embossed label, from another new JBS stamp set, but there wasn't much else I could do about it. The stamped image here may not be perfect, but the page was done so I decided not to worry about it. Nothing is ever really perfect, so I decided not to fret over this messy detail, either. :)

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Mel said...

I love your throw everything at the page approach and use of hot pink and gold. Really effective!

Kimberly Kett said...

Just GORGEOUS!! Love the layers!!

Diana Fisher said...

Such a fun layout. Great layering and lots to see!

Madeline said...

So pretty! I love the hot pink with bright yellow!

Fleursbydesign said...

Gorgeous layout, love the background :)

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