Saturday, November 16, 2013

December Daily album: the planning and inspiration

So, now that Hallowe'en is past, and our Canadian Thanksgiving well out of the way before that, and now that the leaves are finally falling and there was even a bit of snow falling, too, I feel completely ready to start thinking about my December Daily album for this year.

I've never actually made -- started, or finished -- a December Daily or Christmas album before. 
I start out strong. REAL strong. 
I buy the stuff!
I plan!
I Pin, like a mad woman, inspired!
I go and buy more stuff!
I think: I can do it! This year.. I WILL do it!
So, I gather more supplies.
I look at how amazing everyone else's Christmas season experiences are.. all photographed so beautifully and assembled.
And I think, well, I can probably do some of that. 
And then I shop a little more. 
And I start thinking...
maybe I can do just a mini album.
Like, a December Weekly.
So, I get my supplies together -- again -- arranged a bit differently to embrace this new concept.
And I think, this time I really CAN do this! I will!
And, before I know it, December is over and all those supplies get packed away... 
while I think, I'll make that album next year!

So, although I am not fully confident that this year's December documenting will actually go much differently than the above summary of the past two years, I do at least very much enjoy the entire planning and gathering process, and that itself has become part of the holiday tradition.

In some ways, collecting supplies and having them out and just enjoying them is almost enough for me.

I created a Pinterest board, December Daily 2013, to collect all of my ideas, inspiration, and potential supplies.

I chose colours, textures, and patterns and icons. This year, much like last year's failed attempts, I'm going with 
a silver, gold, grey, and white colourway. These sparkly colours feel so icy and wintery to me.

For textures and finishes, I chose glitter, white wool, birch, and chalkboard. 
I'll definitely be using a mix of silver, gold, and champagne glitters in both fine and chunky finishes. I added in the wool for a warm and cozy feel, and the birchbark pattern for a rustic woodland feel. I decided to use the now-trending chalkboard look in small doses, because chalkboards are just too cute and too fun and I want to use them while the trend lasts!

(sources: trees,  houses, stars, bells.)
For repeated patterns and icons to use throughout my album, I'm going with trees, houses, stars and jingle bells. I love the homey but festive feel these images create together!

Follow my Christmas and December Daily 2013 Pinterest boards for more festive inspiration!

Are you planning your holiday album? Or have your purchased a kit? What styles and themes is your album going to be this year? Please hook me up with some links to blog or gallery posts about your Christmas album -- I'd love to see what you are doing! And if you have a Christmas scrapbooking or other festive Pinterest boards, please leave the link here; I need as much inspiration as I can get! :)

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Michelle said...

I love your inspiration! Beautiful! Looks like you have a great plan. Don't worry if you aren't able to do as much as you'd like. You have so many little ones tugging at your demands. It's more important to MAKE good memories than it is to record them. So, give up the guilt and go have fun! :)