Friday, November 22, 2013

Jumping on the Selphy Bandwagon

Ok, so I caved. I couldn't resist. The promises of fast and easy home photo printing lured me in, and my visions of being a current and daily scrapbooker convinced me I needed this:

and of course... this, to go with it: 

I'm excited.. and also a bit skeptical of whether or not I'm actually going to use a photo printer effectively or if it's just going to become a pricier version of what I do now: print way too many photos and scrap way too few of them, slowly!

But, for less than 100$ shipped  (I have a Prime account for the first time right now! love it! is making Christmas shopping so much easier, not worrying about factoring in sometimes really expensive shipping!) I thought it was a small indulgence that we  might enjoy as a family. I'm totally picturing my girls being able to take a picture, print it, and then scrap it or just put it up on their wall to enjoy!

So, tell me: do you have a photo printer at home? Do you use it as much as you thought you would?

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Mel said...

I have been very tempted by this after seeing it in all the garden girls' videos. I am wanting to try the December Daily this year and so think I really *need* a selphy as our current printer is useless and the ink is really pricey!