Monday, January 20, 2014

on my desk: paper cuttings and coffee

Two of my great loves in life: paper, and coffee.
We've been subscribing to a monthly mailing of coffee through MistoBox for over a year now. Every month they send us four different artisan coffees to try... each one has enough to make 2-4 cups, depending on  how strong we brew it. So much fun! With four kids we don't make it out of the house on weekends to go and sit at a coffee shop, so MistoBox is our way of enjoying new coffees at home.

I used to hand cut lots of titles and other elements for my layouts but haven't for quite some time. Mostly because I don't have a printer I can run cardstock through to print letters or designs on. I recently had a crazy urge to hand cut something. 

I sketched out this banner, hung on two stars, and handwrote "it will be a HAPPY NEW YEAR" across the banner pieces.

I cut out the design and then covered the whole thing in glitter.


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Love hand cutting too! Pretty piece!