Thursday, January 16, 2014

the old year becomes new: 2013 2014
layout and process video

This page was inspired by a Glitter Girl challenge at 2Peas. I used inspiration from the January moodboard to direct my colour choices a bit for this page.. I used the softer blue tone and interpreted the lighter pink as neon pink. :) 

Video is posted at the bottom!
I so so SO love having a Selphy! I was totally inspired to use this photo of my fam gathered around the table shortly before the clock struck midnight and the new year rolled in, and it was SO nice to just print a good quality photo at home. No running out. No uploading and waiting. I've never had a photo printer before because I was too skeptical about the print quality but I couldn't be happier with the job this little baby does!

I stacked two chipboard stars. The bottom one I painted with white gesso, and then I painted just the edges with neon pink paint, like I did in this chipboard letter tutorial.

I layered up some messy date stamping.

And added a sprinkling of wood veneer stars.

One of the questions Glitter Girl asks in her challenge is how we put together supplies for a project. Since I'm sorting by colour this year it is easy for me to pull out colours in each supply type that I think I want for a project. The key FOR ME here, is not to overwhelm myself with every product in every colour.

I have to be selective.
Sometimes, having less choice, means greater creativity.

For this project, I pulled out:
Neutral coloured labels. I separated all of my die cuts and ephemera packs and put all of the labels together. Then I can easily search through and grab just what colours I want. No more sorting through whole packages of pictures and themes that don't go with my project, just to try to find the right label.

I put a whole bunch of small star embellishments in an egg carton tray. I knew I wanted to use stars in my projects, and other seasonal things I'm working on right now, and this way I don't have to pull out a bunch of different packages. I didn't take out EVERY star I own -- I kept it to the neutrals and pale aqua and minty green.

Instead of getting all of my mists, paint, and ink in every colour from the mood board, I just added the neon pinks that I have and one of my favourite pale blues. I'm keeping this bowl of neutrals on my desk right now, so just swapping out a colour for whatever project I'm working on is super fast and easy.

I sorted all of my patterned paper by colour and added in a few divisions for my favourite patterns. This made grabbing all of my mint, grey and wood patterned paper very easy. I like being able to keep paper on my desk when I'm working on a project so grabbing a whole section of colour makes it easy to not only see what I have, but keep everything neat and organized, too.


LisaDV said...

Love your containers that you pulled into, especially that egg carton one. (left a comment on your youtube for the layout).

Anonymous said...

Lovely layout! Love the neon pink edging, your tissue strips and the addition of the metallic labels! Good to know about the Selphy. I've been thinking about it to, but also was concerned about print quality. Your organization is wonderful and i love watching you work! :) Evie

Laura said...

Love your process videos :)
Thank you for sharing

Linda said...

Great layout and video!