Thursday, February 20, 2014

when Lily comes home
+new cut file!

Ruby Sky is so sweet... she nearly explodes with excitement the second she hears the door when her big sisters come home from school. An after school snack with sisters might be part of the reason for that excitement. ;)

I love mixing neons and pastels -- and different textures, too! This page features some mixed media.. water colour and modelling paste and heat embossing. The suns on the background were made with a stencil I cut with my Cameo! The SVG is listed in my Etsy shop.
Lots of fun little bits here... a silver heat embossed leaf.. a die cut bow with neon pink embossing powder... and ombre heat embossed speech bubble.. a neon pink cloud....

The suns with heart rays are made out of modelling paste, made with my loveshine cut file

I love layering little bits and pieces left on my desk, like this cut off strip and some left over bow die cuts.

The punched star strip was another left over piece, but perfect for the top of this page.

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Unknown said...

What a great label. Actually just bought these cheezits!