Wednesday, March 19, 2014

album tour: layouts July - August 2012

Hi guys!
I have another album tour video to share! These layouts are all with photos from July to August 2012.
I'm really enjoying organizing my pages and looking back at what we've done and what I've made. If you haven't looked at your albums in a while, I totally recommend it! You might even want to do a video... post if you do! I'd love to see. :)

And, a list of layouts shown here:
across the street is too far away
and she shall bring sunshine
the inquisitor
this is our kind of Friday night
my four faves
box walker
procession on a dead leg (including process video)
do you see what I see?
a horse she called nay nay
it finally felt like home
it finally felt like home
zux fest
well read
will ta-ta for food
our daily soundtrack
do you see what I see?
still has it
when she was 11
the long-awaited book
angel food + candles
you are 11 now. good luck.
this is how I know.
front yard skill
arms wide open
she goes for it
point on
i heart baby legs

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